About the author:

Graham Lloyd has been writing about and photographing boats since the mid 1970s. His work has appeared in a number of leading Australian and overseas publications. He was editor of Australian Powerboat for two stints of five years, and a regular contributor to Club Marine Magazine.
Over the decades he has tested, reviewed and reported on some 600 boats covering everything from small 'tinnies' to luxury cruisers and with special attention to high performance boats.
Graham has owned a number of boats from family runabouts through skiboats to offshore sports boats. Working on and restoring some of these has given him an appreciation of the effort and dedication, and financial investment, shown by enthusiastic boat owners.
​​After finding the Australian market for books on power boats to be too small to attract the attention of major publishing companies, Graham has self-published a number of 'coffee table' photo-books on the topic in an attempt to give greater publicity and wider recognition for power boats and the special enjoyment they provide.
Graham is now working to publish more books with help from powerboat owners whom he is inviting to send in details of their own 'special' boats. His objective is to document and preserve for the future the wonderful story of Australia's rich heritage in powerboats of all types and sizes. 
Graham can be contacted by email at [email protected]