Hardcover, 32 by 28 cms, Premium Lustre Photo Paper
142 pages - $220

Through a fortuitous twist of fate in timing, I came across Phil and Margaret Heaney’s current superb cruiser ‘Athena’. When discussing that boat, Phil mentioned his earlier cruiser ‘Argos’ and its amazing circumnavigation of the planet, pointing me toward an excellent article about the cruise written by Bruce Stannard AM and published in the awesome (‘Priceless’!) Afloat magazine. I read that and immediately hoped that both Phil and Bruce would allow me to present the story in a book. They generously and kindly agreed – and this volume is the result, including the story of ‘Athena’ as well.
Bruce, who is a legend in the Australian maritime world, was awarded in 1997 Membership in the Order of Australia for his work in preserving Australia’s maritime heritage. Norway’s King Harald V also made Bruce a Knight First Class in Norway’s Order of Merit in recognition of his efforts in securing and restoring Norway’s Bicentennial Gift, the 39-foot Colin Archer ketch ‘Kathleen Gillett’ now on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum where Bruce is a Life Member. Bruce has written some 16 books covering biographies of notable sailing heroes. Other works by Bruce include ‘Sparkling Sydney’ and ‘Aboard Endeavour’. You can find out more about Bruce through the website www.maritimeheritagepress.com.
When Bruce kindly agreed to the use of his article in this book, I felt very privileged and grateful for his emailed words: “You are doing a great job in producing high-end books on classic wooden boats. I know from my own experience there is no money in it and yet there is something beyond money which I think you and I understand. Those who focus only on the bottom line will never get it. Phil and Margaret are truly remarkable human beings and it is a great privilege to count them among my closest friends. With my sincere best wishes for every success with this book. Yours aye, Bruce Stannard AM.”

At first the plan was for Phil and Margaret to provide some extra information, comments and photos to augment Bruce's story of their circumnavigation. However, Phil's enthusiasm led to a much more detailed series of 12 chapters on their entire voyage. It wasn't practical to merge Bruce's words into Phil's (or vice versa), and so a decision was made to present Bruce's story first, followed by Phil's more detailed description of each stage of the wonderful adventure.
My sincere thanks to Phil, Margaret and Bruce for making this book possible, and for all their help and support in bringing it to fruition.

Below: A map showing the circumnavigation course of 'Argos'.