The following is a guide to the information about your boat that would be good to include in the book. It may seem a lot, but I’m keen to make a real feature of your boat with as much detail as possible. The guide covers all sorts of boats, so not all the points may be applicable for you.
​​If it’s more than you wish to go through, please just provide as much information as is convenient.
Where appropriate, provide a cross-reference to any photo that illustrates a feature or point you are making.
Don’t worry about being ‘word perfect’, just note the details in whatever manner is easiest for you; bullet points or rough notes are fine - so long as they are understandable! However, don’t hesitate to elaborate!
I’ll sub-edit everything into the text for the book.
Please email your information to me at [email protected]
Here’s the check list:
Your name:                         Email:                                                            Date:
Name of boat?                                                      
Style (eg flybridge, sedan cruiser, launch, skiboat, raceboat, etc)?
When built?
Where built?
Built by?
Designed by?
Built for whom?
Construction (materials used; if wooden  boat – what timbers used/where, etc)?
What is the layout of the boat (number of cockpits and/or cabins and where, sleeping capacity, galley up or down, helm station(s) and so on)?
Fuel tanks (number/capacity)?
Fresh water capacity?
Engine(s) – make, model, cylinders, capacity, power, diesel, petrol, etc. If original engine(s) replaced, note details of both original and replacement – if replaced, when, by whom?
Transmission (ratio if known) and prop details?
Cruise speed?
Cruising Range?
Top Speed?
Any known history of the boat (previous owners, where kept at different times, any special achievements, voyages, any previous names, etc)?
Details of any modifications since original build, any refurbishments/rebuilds/additions or similar, noting when done, by whom/whom for, and so on?
When did you acquire the boat, from whom and where?
What appealed to you about the boat that led to you acquiring it?
Where do you keep the boat - and whether on a trailer, in a marina or on a mooring?
Where do you normally use the boat?
How do you mainly use the boat, eg for cruising, fishing, entertaining, watersports, other?
Have you taken the boat on any long distance cruises or trips – when/where/why and how did you enjoy it?
How would you describe your boat’s overall handling and performance?
Any particular performance issues (good or bad) worth noting?
Has the boat lived up to expectations?
Who are your usual crew?
What are your favourite features of the boat?
Notes of any shows, races, other events the boat has been in - how did it (and you) go?
Anything about the boat you plan or would like to change?
What boats have you owned previously – brief details of each/when owned – any comments on them you’d like to make – why changed from one to another, etc?
Note other details if you like such as:
     Electronics fitted (GPS/Plotter, depth sounder/sonar, radar, auto pilot, etc)?
     Galley equipment (gas/electric, burner(s) stove/oven, fridge/freezer, etc)?
     Gen set/inverter?
Any other comments you’d like to include?