Hardcover, 32 by 28 cms, Premium Lustre Photo Paper
74 pages - $150

These 20 delightful stories of 'typical' boats and owners are amongst my favourites. Making a change from testing new boats, coming alongside a crew simply enjoying their boat was a joy and delight. After an introduction and explanation, the owners were always happy to have their boat featured in a magazine, and I believed what they had to say about their boats was of great interest to readers. From small runabouts through raceboats and cruisers, the features cover
​​Bayliner Ciera 3055
Bullet 2100
Caribbean Crestcutter
Caribbean 26
Caribbean 35
Childsplay 176
Connelly 2100
Cruise Craft Lazer 520
Everingham 18
Force F18
Gambler V-Runner
Goldsbrough Skiboat
Labsport 2100
Lewis Bros Racing Skiff
Matra Missile
Noosa Cat 4100 GT Series
Savage 26
Simpkin Skiboat
Ted Jones Racing Hydros
Tennessee Sports Runabout