Hardcover, 32 by 28 cms, Premium Lustre Photo Paper
62 pages - $150

The 12 boats in this book were selected somewhat at random from my archives so I could explore how to go about producing my idea for coffee-table books. It was the first volume that I prepared in this series and it worked out much better than expected - and so made possible all the others that have followed.
The boats range from skiboats to cruisers - the cover shot of a Halvorsen 38 Gourmet Cruiser is amongst my all-time favourites. The boats included are: 
​​Caribbean 420 Sedan Cruiser 'Boundless'
Fairey Huntress 'Idlewild'
Greenline 40 Hybrid 'Croce del Sud'
Hacker Mahogany Speedboat 'Rosita'
Halvorsen Sea Skiff 'Blue Star'
Halvorsen Express Cruiser 'Arizona'
Halvorsen 38 Gourmet Cruiser 'Resolution
Hunts Runabout 'Lil Devil'
Integrity 38 Flybridge Cruiser 'Andromeda'
Kencraft Custom Skiboat 'Mystress'
Lewis Bros Skiboat 'Still Cruz'n'
Marshall Lord 25 'Orana'