Softcover, 30 by 21 cms, Premium Lustre Photo Paper
112 pages - $30

During 2002 I held a number of photo-shoot sessions in NSW and Queensland to obtain the images and details for this book. I had planned shoots in Victoria as well, but for various reasons they couldn't be scheduled. At the time I was hoping to produce a series of books like this to document and publicise all the wonderful ski, speed and race boats I'd seen along the way. Unfortunately the economics of it didn't work out.
I'm proud of it though and it has a great variety of memorable boats comprising: 
Blakemore 2000 Raceboat 'Jokers Wild'
Bullet 2001 1850 'Bullet Racing'
Bullet 1990 1750 'Black Thunder'
Bullet 1999 1850 'The Phantom'
Childsplay 18'6" Raceboat 'Cocktail'
Childsplay 1997 21-foot 'Madness'
Connelly 2000 2100 'The Axe'
Connelly 1994 Super Boat 'Da Sarge'
Connelly 2002 2100 Raceboat 'Chief'
Cyclone 1900 'Twisted'
Everingham (Bert) 1965 'Binky II'
Everingham (Bert) Raceboat 'Stinga''
Everingham (Bruce) 2000 17'6" 'Sensational'
Everingham (Bruce) 1991 20-foot
                                        'Never Down & Out'
Everingham (Bruce) 1986  17'6" 'Wildman'
Everingham (Malcolm) 2001 18'4"
                                               'Smokin' Heads'
Everingham (Pete Smith) 1988 'Critter'
Everingham (Pete Smith) 1992 'Hot Lemon

Force F18 Skiboat 'Careless Whispers''
Gambler 1999 20' Raceboat 'Cowboy'
Hammond 1983 15'6" Skiboat
Howard 1996 Hydro 'Untamed Lady'
Jetsprinters 'Tru Blue' & 'Hydraulink'
Upper Hawkesbury Power Boat Club
                J2 Junior Racer 'Loose In The Dark'
​Lewis Bros 1963 Skiboat 'Comanche
Loader 1965 Hydro 'Classic Racing'
PFM (Priest Family Marine) 1989 'The Sting'
Sleeksprint 1997 1350 'Axeman'
South Queensland Power Boat Club 1985                                              Racing Skiff 'Mad Dog'
Stephens 1992 18V 'Double Trouble'
Ted Jones 1958 Hydro 'Atomic'
Ted Jones 1959 Hydro 'Blue Max'
Ted Jones 1962 Hydo 'The Baron'
Ted Jones 1969 Hydro 'Something'
Yamato 9'10" Raceboat 'More Torture'