Hardcover, 32 by 28 cms, Premium Lustre Photo Paper
22 pages - $145

This book came about through both fortuitous and unfortunate twists of fate.
Back in 2002, when I was editor of Australian Powerboat magazine, I fortuitously happened to see a for-sale ad about a classic Lewis Bros skiboat called 'Still Cruz'n'. The boat looked absolutely superb and so I arranged to do a feature on it for the magazine. However, the boat was sold and shipped to its new owner in South Australia before the feature could be prepared.
Persevering despite that, the new owner helped with photos and the selling owner helped with information, as did others, and so the feature could be put together and published in the June/July issue of the magazine that year. In the course of preparing the feature, I found that the boat had been restored in Queensland by shipwright Doug Fielding. He and his wife Niki subsequently kept a copy of the magazine along with other documentation as part of Doug’s overall boatbuilding ‘provenance’.
Unfortunately, all that was stolen and Niki was trying to find a replacement copy of the Powerboat issue when she found that the ‘Still Cruz’n’ feature had been included in one of my books (the first volume of ‘Wood On Water In Australia’).
Niki arranged to buy a copy of the book and in the process I found out about ‘Salty Dog’. I was immediately very keen to present the great story about how Doug had restored ‘Salty Dog’ and fortunately Niki and Doug agreed to help me do so. Thus – here it is!
Doug and Niki kindly provided all the details and photos, and it was a pleasure and privilege for me to be able to edit them into a format for the book. My sincere thanks to Doug and Niki for their help and enthusiasm during this most enjoyable project.