These are the books featuring boats from my magazine testing archives.
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240 pages - $270
Skiboats are the sportscars of our waterways. They offer speed and excitement and the joy of driving with a feeling of freedom impractical to realise ashore. This book presents the images and details of some 60 ski and wakeboard boats that were (are!) popular in Australia.
160 pages - $220
Featuring some 30 wooden boats I have reviewed over the years and, uniquely for this style of book, covering a wide range of boat types. The very special appeal of wooden boats is graphically presented in the large colour photos along with fascinating details.
90 pages - $195
17 raceboats covering famous names such as Childsplay, Connelly and Everingham amongst others across circuit, ski and offshore racing, these fabulous boats have amazing engineering as well as colourful visual appeal. Lots of technical details included.
238 pages - $270
Not surprisingly, the majority of the boats I tested for magazines were the more popular runabouts and compact cruisers that were (are!) ideal for family boating.  They might be less exciting than performance boats, but they  all offer great fun afloat. There are over 50 boats described in this book!
240 pages - $270
I had so many runabouts and small cruisers in my archives that there were enough for a second volume. Including the specifications and plenty of details for some 42 boats, this volume continued the theme of lots of large photos to show all the aspects of each design, and with many action shots too.
74 pages - $160
While most of my magazine work was testing new boats, I also looked for interesting boats on our waterways and, with the owner's permision, prepared a feature on their boat, what they liked about it, and so on The result was these 20 fascinating stories about the boats and their owners.
62 pages - $155
This was the first book I produced in this series and contains the details of 12 boats that specially appealed to me in one way or another. The interpretation of the word 'classic' is varied to say the least, so let's just say that they are all interesting! Most of the boats went on to be featured in my other books as well.
162 pages - $220
Bigger and better could be the byword for the boats in this volume as they were all luxury cruisers with a host of features and generally with outstanding performance too. From under 30 to over 80 feet, the collection covers a wide range from local and overseas builders of the 26 cruisers featured.
102 pages - $180
These are the 'big boomers'! Well, some are anyway. Big and strong, fast and loud, colourful and exhilarating - sensational to drive in offshore conditions and frankly where my heart was for much of my boating life. Many of the 25 boats described were those I owned - mostly superb, some dreadful!
112 pages - $30
Smaller in format than the other books but packed with interesting history and technical details of over 30 classic, race and high performance boats. As it was 'mass-printed' it's much less expensive (for you - it wasn't for me!). Only a few copies left, so order soon.