Hardcover, 32 by 28 cms, Premium Lustre Photo Paper
114 pages - $190

This sub-set of boats from both the original 'Wood On Water In Australia' book and Volume II features all of the 15 cruisers from the two books without any of the ski/race-boats and launches. Boats from the iconic Australian builder Halvorsen dominate with a range of their designs featured from 25 to 48 feet. Some other equally fascinating cruisers from other designers and builders keep them company. Every cruiser is a delight to see and this Edition IV covers:
Fairey 1958 Huntress
Halvorsen 1948 Launch 'Miss Ally'
Halvorsen 1949 36 Flybridge Cruiser 'Constellation'
Halvorsen 1950 47 Bridgedeck Cruiser 'Kalinda'
Halvorsen 1953 30 Cruiser 'Nyngan'
Halvorsen 1960 26 Cruiser ‘Karen’
Halvorsen 1960 Express Cruiser ‘Arizona’
Halvorsen 1962 32 Flybridge Cruiser ‘Jasmin’
Halvorsen 1963 22 Sea Skiff ‘Blue Star’
Halvorsen 1964 37 Flybridge Cruiser ‘Sinabada’
Halvorsen 1966 25 Dolphin Cruiser ‘Minoa’
Halvorsen 1973 48 Flybridge Cruiser 'Palmyra'
Perdriau 1994 Cruiser ‘Perceverance’
Perdriau 1995 Charter Yacht ‘Seal’
Perdriau 1997 Motor Yacht ‘JBW’