Hardcover, 32 by 28 cms, Premium Lustre Photo Paper
196 pages - $240

With wonderful help and support from owners, the glory and details of 22 superb boats are featured in this book. From unique one-off ski/race-boats through magnificent Halvorsen cruisers, these wooden masterpieces represent great Aussie design and boatbuilding. Also included is a delightful 'putt-putt' launch. Some features include details of extensive restoration projects whilst other boats remain totally original. Every boat is simply superb as the photos show to great effect;  the features cover
Crandell 1947 Raceboat ‘Spitfire’
Dewhurst/Ventnor 1920s/2004
Gold Cup Raceboat 'Annie Gee'
Eddy 1955 Skiboat 'Stormy'
Goldsbrough 1961 Skiboat 'Mystere'
Grantham 1962 Skiboat 'Indigo'
Halvorsen 1948 Launch 'Miss Ally'
Halvorsen 1949 36 Flybridge Cruiser 'Constellation'
Halvorsen 1950 47 Bridgedeck Cruiser 'Kalinda'
Halvorsen 1953 30 Cruiser 'Nyngan'
Halvorsen 1960 26 Cruiser ‘Karen’
Halvorsen 1966 25 Dolphin Cruiser ‘Minoa’
Halvorsen 1973 48 Flybridge Cruiser 'Palmyra'
Hammond 2015 Skiboat 'Ruby'
Kinney 1950s/1995 Putt Putt Launch ‘Tomfoolery’
Lewis Bros – Frank & Ritchie
Lewis Bros 1961 Skiffabout ‘Electric Girl’
Lewis Bros 1964 Skiboat 'Turbo-Fire'
Lewis Bros 1966 Speedboat ‘Ronda’
Lewis Bros 1967 Raceboat ‘Invader’
Lewis Bros 1968 Raceboat 'Rebound'
Seacraft 1998 Skiboat ‘Driftwood’
Sea Queen 1956 Runabout ‘The Bat Boat’